A People Set Apart Unto God

Herein lies the uniqueness of the Israelites faith. Their understanding of God and his relation to their lives and to history as a whole gave meaning to sustain them amidst an often hostile environment. The significance of this fact has been accurately summed up in these words: “The Hebrews were located geographically in the ancient Middle East, and during most of their long history were under the sovereignty of powers greater than themselves. Yet, remarkably, they were the only one of those peoples to succeed in maintaining themselves through the centuries as a culture. It was primary their unique religion which sustained them, making them capable of withstanding those forces of absorption and disintegration which would have removed them as a people from the stage of history.”

Marvin R. Wilson, Our Father Abraham – Jewish Roots of The Christian Faith (Wm. B. Eerdmans 1989), p. 12


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